"Xinlianhui into Xinguangzheng" theme practice activity held

On June 1, 2019, the chairman's office meeting of Pingdu new Federation and the theme practice activity of "new federation into xinguangzheng" were held in Qingdao xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Wang Fujun, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and head of the United Front Department attended the activity and delivered a speech.
Wang Fujun hoped that the team of the new Federation would set an example first, unite and lead the members to gather outstanding talents, show their style and continuously improve the reputation of the new Federation through organizing various activities; he hoped that members would further enhance their sense of service and responsibility, realize the value improvement of "self society self country self" and enhance their activities in the innovation and practice breakthrough We should strengthen publicity and reporting, spread the positive energy of Pingdu united front, and make a sound of Pingdu new united front.
Zhang Shuxiang, the leader in charge of the united front of the municipal Party committee, proposed that June should be regarded as the "centralized activity month" of the new Federation, and made an overall arrangement for the study and exchange of Shenzhen and Longhua in the middle of June. She proposed that the work of the new Federation should do a good job in "Three Combinations", set up the "six ones" work goal, focus on the center, serve the overall situation, focus on, gather wisdom and strength.
One belt, one road, is the president of the new Federation of Zhang Xiaolei, and the general manager of Xin Guang Guang, general manager of the new Federation. He introduced the development process and the future development prospect of the enterprise. He shared the sentiment of the recent trip to Africa: a stable political environment is the premise and foundation for economic development. The "one belt and one road" of the country provides a great opportunity for the development of globalization. Pride and self-confidence have deepened friendship with the African people. There was a strong resonance among the participants.
Zhang Ruijie, chairman in office of the municipal new Federation and general manager of Xuaner e-commerce business park, reported the construction and next work plan of Xuaner excellent e-commerce platform, the United Front innovation practice base of Pingdu City.
Relevant comrades studying and training in Changsha and Nanjing shared their learning experience.
Du Qunli, President of the new Municipal Federation, presided over the event.